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Sinewave Audio understands the diverse needs of A/V systems in houses of worship and pursue a custom design approach with each project. Presentation programming can vary from week to week and the A/V system must be able to adjust to changing needs over time. Operator capabilities may vary due to the utilization of volunteer staff in some cases, which is why we ensure the systems must be designed to work efficiently and over complication must be avoided without limiting the capabilities of the A/V systems. Many houses of worship struggle with acoustical spaces that are not beneficial to the current programming. Sinewave Audio can evaluate, design, and install acoustical treatment solutions or work with your general contractor on a new build to ensure the acoustical space does not detract from the mission to communicate with attendees.


Sinewave Audio has provided design and installation of Audio, Video, Stage Lighting, Digital Signage, and Control Systems in both K-12 and Post Secondary educational institutes as well as office and commercial buildings. Meeting the needs of the organizations while streamlining the system to make operation effortless is crucial in these environments. Sinewave Audio will design systems that will meet your specific needs and get the project completed on time and on budget.




Sinewave Audio keeps up with the ever-changing technologies that can meet the needs of the client. Being able to determine what technologies will benefit our clients and what technologies are simply a passing fad is essential to being a leader in the Systems Integration industry. Utilizing the latest proven technologies from well established companies is essential to designing successful systems that will continue to meet an organizations needs for many years.


Sinewave Audio offers training and follow-up support with all installation projects. Even a great system can fail if operators are unfamiliar with the system. The depth of experience in Audio, Video, and Theatrical Lighting systems that our project managers possess from their involvement in live event production has proven to be extremely valuable to clients. The use of control systems and other design approaches that Sinewave Audio offers will simplify the operation making it less taxing to the end user.