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SINEWAVE AUDIO was founded in 1997 by Micah Dean. In the beginning, the primary focus of the company was to provide custom audio system design to meet the specific needs of the client. Through Micah’s earlier experience in Live Event Production and Audio System Integration, he observed many projects where a “cookie cuter” approach was taken by other companies, leaving the client frustrated and with unaddressed needs. Micah had and continues to have a passion for addressing every client’s unique needs while working within their budget. Sinewave Audio expanded into Live Events due to repeated requests from organizations that trusted the Sinewave name and expertise. As the company continued to grow, others were hired on with strong audio/visual backgrounds and talents to add quality and value to the Sinewave name and to provide a greater ability to serve more clients. Currently, Sinewave Audio has two divisions. Micah works in both divisions, but spends most of his time leading the sales and designs of the A/V Systems Integration Division. Co-Owner and Vice President, Ben Gale, leads the Live Event Division.

Micah Dean - Through his vast knowledge and many years of experience with system design and installation, Micah has been able to serve clients and find solutions to meet their specific needs. Due to his experience and continued involvement in Live Event Production, he is able to understand the needs of the operator and design systems that will work well and be pleasing to operate. This is one trait that separates Micah from other system designers. He isn’t just attempting to sell a system that will function, he is determined to design a system that will meet the needs of the client and assist the operator in producing a product with a high level of quality. While Micah is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children. He also enjoys working on nearly anything mechanical. He is known around the shop as the guy to go to if your car is making a funny noise.


Ben Gale - Stemming from his many years of experience touring, fulfilling roles such as Front of House Engineer, Monitor Engineer, Production Manager, and Tour Manager, Ben understands the needs of bringing together the right people and equipment to make an event go smoothly. Live events demand that technicians are capable enough to adapt to fast paced and changing environments. Ben personally strives to continue to increase his technical proficiency by keeping up with new technologies, and he encourages his staff to do the same. Ben enjoys being outside and spending time with his wife and daughter. They will likely be out somewhere hiking or at home tending to their cat, dog, chickens, turkeys, goats, honey bees, and donkeys.